The Origins of the LMG

 It was sometime in Spring of 1986 that John Brockes the Legal Director of Lovell Homes Limited made a suggestion to David Rix and me that it would be rather good to attempt the 50 mile Lyke Wake Walk across the moors in North Yorkshire.  In training for this we agreed to do the Three Peaks walk in the Dales. Arrangements were made for a weekend at the Crown Hotel in Horton in Ribblesdale and the walk was duly completed just within the regulation12 hours.  There was a strong easterly gale blowing, the Chernobyl emergency was ongoing, and the sheep were positively fluorescent. Hardly any of us could walk that evening but we still enjoyed a memorable 5 course evening meal in the Crown with a wheelbarrow full of  cheese  all washed down with a bottle of Mouton Cadet at 4.50.  While it took nearly another 2 years to establish the Club and we never made the Lyke Wake, the seeds were sown.

 In 1986, Lovell Homes had established a joint venture company in Scotland called Lovell Lawrence and more people in Lovell thought that a weekend away with exercise and social interaction would be departure from the usual golf and football.

 And so it came to pass that the inaugural meeting of the LMG happened in February 1988 at the Queens Head, Hawkshead in the Lake District.  To supplement the interest we agreed that we could invite not just Lovell people but friends who shared in the enjoyment of social walking .  For some reason many of our friends were in the medical profession, doctors, dentists, nurses etc.  Then there were others who were either consultants to Lovell or were just ordinary people out to enjoy themselves in the hills. 

John Brockes decided that our walking group needed a name and suitably suggested that it should reflect the membership, that is people who worked for Lovell, Medical and General (LMG).  A union of members who have common interests in hills, mountains, ale and chat.  It was decided to restrict membership to one of the above categories and while sadly Lovell has disappeared in the form we knew there remains three ex Lovell members John, Jim and Steven, two medical members, Harry and John and an array of generalists.

 There were 12 people on the first trip and the first summits to be attained were Dow Crag and the Old Man of Coniston.

 Since Hawkshead we have met three times per year, winter, spring and autumn and only two trips have failed to take place.  We have visited various places such as the French Alps, Lake District, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Northumberland, North Wales and many parts of Scotland.  Most have been good with many stories forming part of the folklore of what is a simple but great club.

 The photo gallery and stories on this web site try to encapsulate what we are about, not a crack mountaineering club nor ramblers but a bunch of social climbers having a good time!