LMG Winter Trip 2-4 March 2007

 Falls of Lora Hotel

 Attending:  Alan Christie, Harry Critchlow, John Clark, Hans Halstvedt, Ron Ireland, Ian Leslie, Alistair Macdonald, David Nicoll, Martin Raeside and Steven Tolson

 I am sorry for this more factual approach to a report of proceedings but our Life President, John Brockes, did not attend and while the well educated son of the manse, John Clark, was asked to assist he is a public servant who does not have the time.  Therefore you will just have to put up with my un-crafted diatribe.   

Members gathered for Friday dinner and Ron made great mutterings of how much he liked the Halibut.  The Halibut was expensive but the wine was incredibly cheap at less than £6 a bottle.  We drank quite a lot and Harry’s purse was bare.  Business guru, Alan, got lost somewhere between Heathrow, Newcastle and Glasgow but eventually appeared for breakfast. 

Eventually a full compliment departed for Glen Creran to ascend Beinn Sgulaird.  The tasteful and indigenous new white suburban bungalow was noted in the glen. There was further discussion about this later at dinner with Alan expressing some sympathy for the occupiers of the said bungalow.  John enjoyed Johnny Cash’s Evening Train which rang in my ears for much of the ascent.

 The weather was fine but was unsettled leaving us wet by the end of the day.  A long haul up the glen was slightly tarnished by an overly engineered stalkers road.  Breaking off up the ridge provided more interest until the snow line was gained at around 2,000feet (610m).  David made good judgement given the conditions while Clark raced off into the distance.  The rest, toiling behind Clark, made slow scrambling progress up the eastern ridge.  The summit was achieved in a relatively slow time and a cold lunch was served.  Descent comprised of the usual tumbles but no damaged was caused other further loss of pride. Hans was embarrassed by his turn of speed and has promised to work at his fitness in time for the next trip.

On return to the hotel some enjoyed Whisky Macs while waiting for access to a bath.  Martin decided to fall asleep in his bath thereby denying colleagues a turn for a soak.

 At dinner more Halibut was served with cheap wine and later the moon eclipse was observed.

 The next day promised hurricane winds so we ascended Ben Lora a modest peak of around 1,000 feet.  Fine views were had from the summit all the way down to Colonsay and across to Mull.  Ron illustrated his softer side by expressing concern over David taking photographs on the summit edge in 70mph gales.  We all survived. 

For lunch we ventured to the Real Food Café in Tyndrum which, despite the name, is a fish shop but well recommended. 

Unfortunately the President is not attending David’s 70th Party at Kinlochewe on 11-13 May so a volunteer is required to act as deputy correspondent.  I quit!


S Tolson