11TH TO 15TH OCTOBER (in doggerel)

by the Rt Rev’d Alan Christie


A couple called Agnes and John

Invited a friend, Irish Ron,

To assemble a few

Of the LMG crew

To fly to where the Tuscan sun shone.


Mount Sumbra was our first ascent.

(Tho’ some bikers at first caused torment)

We soon shook them off

And ‘ere long were aloft

And lay on the top quite content.


On Monday we followed John’s plan

Up Secca and then up the Dead Man

John and Rob raced ahead,

We followed – the Med

Lay below us in sparkling expan’se.


Our last walk, on Tuesday, was good,

Tho’ Ron, John and Robert eschewed

The easier way

For a route quite ‘air-ay’,

Too steep for this mild vicar dude!


Our trip has been touched by the bliss

Of good times we surely will miss!

From beginning to end,

John and Agnes, our friends,

We thank them so much for all this!